Why Am I Doing This?

Does the Internet really need another blog? I think it does. I think it needs mine. And maybe it needs yours too.

My goal with this blog is to motivate myself to write. My hope is that through my writing I can help create connections with people I know and also with complete strangers. I plan to tell stories that only I can tell, discuss topics on which I have a unique perspective, and challenge others to stop and think about things they may take for granted.

I plan to fail admirably, learn, and continue to forge ahead. I hope that you find it entertaining, thought-provoking, and not a complete waste of your time.

The name of this blog is a paradoxical wink to my background and experience.

I did grow up in a small town — at a time when the world’s knowledge and art was still sealed in libraries, museums, and our minds. The Internet had yet to create global connections, disrupted entire industries, and change the fundamental ways we live our lives. And the journey the Internet has taken us on is only just beginning.

After college, I pulled up stakes and moved in New York City, where I’ve lived for the past 11 years. During that time, I’ve immersed myself in all things Internet. I’ve produced, designed, and coded websites (this one included); helped start-ups and businesses bring their offerings to the web; and seen the Internet transform the world, in ways both both good and bad.

When I was young, all my pursuits were of a creative nature. I wanted to be a film director, a writer, an actor, and an artist. And while my work in marketing and web production always had a creative aspect, I’ve gotten away from creative pursuits. This has fostered feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction with my life. Not all the time, but the nagging feeling that I’m not doing what I should be doing sits in back of my mind, waiting to creep in.

When I encounter old friends, they always ask, “Are you still acting? Are you still painting? Are you still writing?”

With this blog, now I can say yes.


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